MicroPlaning™ is a one hour clinical skin care treatment that is performed by our Medical Aestheticians at DermaCenter™ . This treatment is a signature treatment created by Isabel Calleros in Scottsdale, Arizona. MicroPlaning™ is a type of “skin blading” that can help treat a variety of skin conditions. This is a full one hour procedure that typically follows a four step process. The blading of the skin will help cleanse, exfoliate, massage and nourish the outer most layer of the skin. The skin will be left with a soft, smooth and supple appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits of MicroPlaning™?

The benefits of MicroPlaning™ usually include removal of damaged skin and unwanted hair that can look like a dark shadow on the skin. Following the procedure, the skin will then look smoother with a more even skin tone.

How often should I come in for this treatment?

MicroPlaning™ is used as a maintenance service for all skin types and can be done once every month. Please keep in mind that “over-blading” can cause skin redness and blotching.

Is there anything I should avoid after MicroPlaning™?

For the next week, you should avoid using any type of exfoliation products. Antioxidants are important to help restore and keep the skin looking smooth.