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DermaCenter™ Medical Spa is an exclusive vendor of several select skin care products including Avène, Obagi, and more. We will help you find the right products for you skin type whether you are looking to reduce wrinkles, treat rosacea or fight acne. Our skin care products have been specially chosen to provide you with the best anti-aging products available. All products have been self-tested by DermaCenter™’s staff to ensure product quality and to better assist clients in recommending the most appropriate, personalized skin care regimens.

The DermaCenter™ staff is committed to the highest level of customer service, and wants its clients to be informed of their options.

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Avène thermal spring water is the only thermal spring water bottled in a sterile compartment directly connected to the spring. The benefits of Avène thermal spring water are derived from its unique composition: it is clear, bacteriologically pure, and its pH is close to neutral. Additionally, it has a low mineral content, and contains indispensable trace elements as well as silica, which leaves a soothing barrier over the skin.

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Factor Five Eye and Lash Cream

FACTORFIVE eye/lash cream combines human derived stem cell growth factors with biotin and redensyl. Growth factors help replenish a more youthful-looking eye area, where biotin and redensyl work together to quickly and safely enhance your lashes and brows.


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